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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Meal Plan #3

So far so good! We've done a really good job of staying on track weeks 1 and 2. This week will be a real test because I did all my shopping with the shopping for last week. I should be able to stay away from the store until Friday. Without further ado, here is my list for this week.

Monday- Slow Cooker Manicotti- recipe pinned here:

Wednesday- Stir Fry Chicken- Chicken tenderloin strips cut into chunks. Throw into a wok or deep pan with a drizzle of oil. Cook moving around until cooked through. Add in a bag or two of frozen stir fry veggies. You can season with teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, a stir fry seasoning packet, or combination of all of that. You can also find pre-bottled sauces in other flavors (orange, General Tso, etc) in the Asian cooking aisle of your local market.

Thursday- Apple Pork Chops- Boneless pork chops baked in a pan with fresh apples, apple sauce, or apple jam or a combination. You can throw in some worchester or other sauce to add more liquid. Very versatile!

Friday- Hamburgers and Hot Dogs- we are having a cookout here with some friends. I think y'all can all figure out how to grill hamburgers and hot dogs. :)

Saturday- Parmesan Chicken- 3-4 chicken breasts, bread with panko or bread crumbs or Shake & Bake Italian (that's what I use), cook in the oven on 400 for 20 minutes. Pull out and cover with spaghetti or marinara sauce (I make my own or sometimes use a jarred sauce like Ragu). I usually pop in and cook another 10-15 minutes and then sprinkle on LOTS of parmesan cheese and bake until melted and chicken is cooked through. Serve with pasta and/ or green beans and garlic bread. Mmmmm.

Sunday- Steak Salad- We will just get a couple of medium size steaks (whatever is on sale) and throw on the grill then slice on top of a garden salad with all of our favorite toppings. I will probably do some baked potatoes in the slow cooker for this too. 

I hope you are enjoying my easy meal plans. It's certainly making our lives easier so far. Enter to win a copy of the Well Planned Day Wall Calendar so you have a place to plan your own weekly meals! Ends 7.26.14. 

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