And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Being a Baseball Family

I never thought I'd be a baseball mom. I'm a football fan y'all. I dreamed my chubby baby boy would be defensive end. When he first became interested in baseball I thought it would tide him over until he was old enough to play football. He liked basketball and soccer well enough at the time that I deemed him my "sports kid". Well I've got to admit (that at least for now) he's just my baseball kid. And I'll admit that over time I've grown to enjoy baseball. Much more than I ever dreamed.

The dirt and the grass......the anticipation when he goes up to bat....the nerves when there are 2 outs and he has 2 strikes.....the satisfying crack of the bat hitting the ball.....the excitement when he rounds the bases......the joy when he catches a fly ball or tags an opponent for the out. Now I love it all. The field is his missions zone, the place where he makes friends, and where his passion lies.

I received a free movie from Family Christian in exchange for my honest opinion. 

So as you can see baseball is a big theme in our home. Since Apple plays softball we all enjoy books and movies about the diamond.  We are also a family that seeks movies with a faith and/ or positive theme for our movie nights. Our top ten list included movies like The Blind Side, Facing the Giants, and now we are adding Hero.


Hero is the story of John Finn who walked away from his wife and son for 7 years. When his wife faces a medical crisis Finn returns home to find that nothing is the same. His son is now ready for college and has (understandable) anger towards his father for his absence. Everyone in the town looks at him with disgust. Can he ever redeem his relationship with his son?

The father and son join forces to coach a failing baseball team (the Gappers). Finn decides to walk away from the city league of watered down baseball and begin his own league. Ultimately his challenged team is matched against the city league's best team. John Finn has worked hard to teach his team real baseball and to get their fathers involved in their practices and games again. Will his faith in the team be enough to spur them to victory?

While faith in God is present in this film it isn't overt. However the themes of forgiveness and redemption are hard to miss. The movie is recommended for ages 10+ due to some difficult themes in the movie (a death from cancer, the father leaving for an extended time, a father in jail, etc) but I allowed Apple (age 9) to watch it and she enjoyed it. I believe Speedy is mature enough for this movie as well and we will watch it as a family very soon.

If you want a movie to watch for your family night I recommend Hero. I know I'm not the only baseball mama out there!

I received a free DVD from Family Christian for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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