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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Favorite Things About Fall

My very favorite things about fall:

8. The weather- I love to swim and I love sunshine but nothing, nothing, nothing beats a beautiful fall day in Tennessee. The swirling leaves, the cool air, the crisp feel all make for a lovely time outside. Everyday this week I've had my doors thrown open and the house airing out. Ahhhh........

7. Pumpkin Everything. Pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin scented candles. The pumpkins people! They are everywhere!

6. Hoodies. See #8.

5. New episodes of my favorite shoes. Hello Castle, Criminal Minds, and The Middle! I've missed you all! Well....I did miss Criminal Minds until the awesome people at Netflix brought it to streaming. YAY! Now Hubby and I have mini-dates binge watching Criminal Minds while the kids are sleeping. I'm excited that the new seasons all begin soon.

4. Family & Friends- it always seems like we have more time with family and friends during the fall and winter months. That is due in part to holiday gatherings but we also just seem to find more time for game night and even gathering with church friends. Spending happy time with extended family and friends is always a great stress reliever for me.

3. Football- a few year's ago this would have been #1 and it is still high on the list but there are some things above it now. The last couple of years I have enjoyed playing Fantasy Football with good friends and it brings a whole new perspective to my favorite game.

1. Yes I skipped #2 because the #1 space is a tie- watching soccer and fall ball. This year Apple is our only soccer player. She loves soccer and she's been playing every fall for a very long time. I so enjoy Saturday morning games and watching her run and play with friends.  This is Speedy's second year on a fall ball team and he is with a totally different team and coaches. It's been a good experience for him to walk onto a new team. I love watching him play ball because it is his true passion. He no longer cares about any other sports. Baseball is his game. I have a great time cheering (loudly) for my babies and spending time outside.

What do you love about fall? It officially begins September 22!

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