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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cup of Chai at Home

I received a free product from Smiley360 for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own. 

Well I've officially survived more than 9 months in our new tiny town with no coffee shop. It isn't easy. I hit my favorite coffee shop when I'm in the area for another errand. Trust me when I say it is often a struggle not to jump in the car and trek the 45 minutes just for my favorite coffee drink. I'd venture to say it is much harder now that we've had some very cold weather.

One thing that has helped me to cope is Tazo Chai Latte. With it I can make tasty hot or cold Chai Lattes right at home. It comes in different flavors and was very easy to find on the coffee aisle at my regular store.

You just add milk and heat the whole thing up in the microwave or add milk and ice. It's that easy!

I was so surprised at the rich creamy texture. It is VERY similar to a Chai Latte from that coffee shop I so dearly love. It also has no powdery or fake flavor. That's a big deal to me. Chai is such a spicy, unique drink and Tazo has nailed it with this make at home concentrate.

It isn't expensive either! One carton costs less than 1 drink from the coffee shop. Tazo also makes flavored Chai tea bags. I've tried a couple of them as well. They aren't quite as tasty as the Chai Latte but are a nice addition to any tea bags you may keep on hand.

If you are looking for a warm flavorful drink to make at home then look for Tazo Chai on the coffee aisle.

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