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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Prepping for a Road Trip

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so we will load into the Family Truckster.....err....our SUV and take a short road trip to see my husband's family for the day. We make several trips a year to see them. They aren't far away but we will spend several hours in the car tomorrow. We have our short trip routine down pat now.

This morning the kids plugged in their devices. They usually carry the portable DVD player and a personal device like their DS or MP3 player. Those all need to be charged before we go. We have travel chargers for most of them but we can't plug in all the chargers at once! They will also grab the case that holds many of their DVDs so they have some choices.

I filled the car up with gas already and later today we will purge all the trash, junk, accumulated ridiculousness from it so we can fill it up again tomorrow. Cause that's how we roll.

We will fill some little snack bags with treats so that we don't have to stop and buy any. We do usually buy at least a drink when we stop for a potty break but taking drinks and treats with us cuts down the costs significantly.

The library was a necessary stop yesterday. The kids both got several books to read on our trip and the next few school-free days. They were both so excited to go to the library because we haven't been in a few weeks. We also picked up an audio book to entertain all of us. It will be great....if they can convince me to turn off the Christmas music....which I probably won't.

Before bed we will lay out our clothes for tomorrow and then we *should* have an easy morning getting ready and walking out the door.

Now I just need to go make the desserts I will take with us for the dinners we are attending......

How do you get ready for a quick road trip?

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