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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Special Valentine's Day Treats

I received a Family Christian customer appreciation certificate to sponsor this post. All opinions are my own.

Every day is a good day to show your support and appreciation to your local law enforcement. The kids have been wanting to do something special for the local department for awhile now. I decided Valentine's Day would be a wonderful time to show each officer that we remember them in our prayers and are grateful for their hard work.

Family Christian Stores offer a variety of items for Valentine's Day, other holidays, and every day life. I had such a good time looking around on their website to find just the right gifts. The hardest part was limiting myself to the budget we had available! I could have easily spend much more. Here are the items I finally settled on getting.

First a GIANT box arrived right to our door.....

I selected a pack of bookmarks with the Beatitudes on it. "Blessed are the Peacemakers" is a favorite among Law Enforcement. We used these wonderful bookmarks as our Valentines to the officers by writing on the backs. The kids both signed them before we gave them out. 

Of course we needed a little something sweet. These Scripture Conversation Hearts were just the thing. 

Now for the biggie. Jeremiah 29:11 is one of my very favorite verses and seemed like a wonderful one to share with the officers. This long, black wooden sign is so lovely. I must have bought them out because this specific one is no longer in their online store but a very similar one with Jeremiah 29:11 is available. 

Always love to see Made in the USA!

These 3 items fit together just right. I tied them all together with some red ribbon from our craft closet. 

When we were finished putting them together we had a lovely basket full of gifts. 

We wanted to pass them out early so they were given out yesterday. We started with our FAVORITE police officer. 

He was pleased with the lovely gift and glad we were recognizing his whole department. I encourage you to send a little gift or a sweet treat to your local police department to show your support. It is a HUGE deal for them to know they are in the hearts and minds of their communities. 

Thank you to Family Christian for sponsoring this post and these gifts. Please visit your local Family Christian store or check out their website to find your Valentine's Day supplies. Take a peek at their Sweet $5 Deals

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