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Monday, March 9, 2015

Budget Battle

I just realized I haven't done a budget battle post in a bit. I know you all know I bounce from project to project and idea to idea, so I didn't want you to be worried that we had abandoned the budget. We were able to mark off the first goal on our very large, colorful budget bound chart. We paid off 2 small items on our list. Doing both of those has energized us. It's good timing because we have a couple of trips coming up, and I want to make sure we stay in budget even when we are out of town.

One thing that has threatened to cost us unexpected money recently (twice) is overdue library movies. The library nearest us has a fantastic movie selection but only allows 2 days before they must be returned. Each late day incurs a $2 fee. Each child gets a movie, forgets to tell me they did, the movies are suddenly 2 days late, and we are in the hole $8. However both times this has happened the library has dropped all fees due to closings for ice and snow. The Lord is good to us! Even on snow days. We have laid down a "no movies from the library" law indefinitely. We have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and an antenna for local channels so we aren't completely without movies and show.

Have you had any unexpected situations lately that have (or could have) cost you money?

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