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Friday, March 6, 2015

Glowing Easter Eggs

Egglo Entertainment Review
It is almost Easter so this is a great time to give you my review of the products offered by Egglo Entertainment. As a member of the review crew, I received a dozen Glow in the Dark Egglo EggsThe Egg-cellent Easter Adventure bookEgglo Treasures Scripture ScrollsEgglo Bible Verse Stickers, and a digital copy of the Egglo Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt Event Curriculum. As soon as I opened the package, I knew my kids would have so much fun with these products!

Here are some of the eggs I received. They came in pink, green, blue, and yellow. All of the eggs glow (after being "charged" by light) and some of them have a lovely raised cross on them. The glowing eggs represent the light of Jesus. So awesome!

The tiny Treasure Sticker Scrolls are so cute and each has a Bible verse printed on it. Apple and Speedy both really enjoyed opening the scrolls and reading the verses. The verses also come printed on the Bible Verse Stickers. The eggs are just the right size for holding a scroll, a sticker, and a small piece of candy.

Egglo Entertainment Review
The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure by Darcie Cobos is the story of Pascal, Anastasia, and Hardy. The three cousins find themselves on an Easter treasure hunt full of glowing eggs and scrolls. We've had too many days cooped up in the house so reading the story aloud to the kids was a great boredom buster. I read the story while they snuggled up and looked at the pictures over my shoulders. Now that they are 7 and almost 10 this doesn't happen very often! They really got into the story and were guessing the answers to the clues along the way. When we finished reading the adventure, we had an adventure of our own! I hid the eggs around the house for a fun, indoor, glow in the dark Easter egg hunt. You can't tell in the pictures because of the camera flash, but I hid the eggs in totally dark rooms.   

Who wouldn't like a night time pj clad egg hunt?

As you can tell from their smiles, they both LOVED this activity. The Egglo Eggs gave us some fun entertainment while Hubby was at work. When our egg hunt was complete, we sat down with The Egg-Cellent Easter Adventure Egglo Program Guide. This digital curriculum is packed full of useful materials for hosting a big Easter Egg Hunt (for church or a family gathering, etc) or just having a dicussion with your kids at home like we did.  

Egglo Entertainment Review
When we sat down together, I used the questions included in the guide to talk with Apple and Speedy about the story we read. There is also a page of questions about John 18. This list encourages discussion about the Easter story in the Bible. I started to read John 18 to the kids, but I decided it would be great to really test their knowledge without reviewing the story. To my delight they were able to answer almost every question! These resources made it easy and fun to get my kids ready for Easter as we continue through the Lenten season. It is so important to remind them every year that we celebrate Easter as a day to remember Jesus Christ and His sacrifice and resurrection. 
If you are interested in using Egglo Eggs for a larger gathering, the program guide includes invitations, coloring pages, snack and decorating suggestions, a devotion, and some really great group activities. It isn't our year to host the egg hunt at church, but if we do in the future I already know what I will be doing! These eggs and tiny treasures are for kids of all ages (I would only recommend the scrolls for those past the age of mouthing small objects). All the printables in the guide are great, and I'm sure we will be using some of them in our home school time as we get closer to Easter. 
The real reason we celebrate Easter gets so easily pushed to the side. The excitement over plastic eggs filled with candy can quickly overshawdow our joy that He has risen. These glowing Egglo eggs are such a visual reminder that Jesus is our light that shines through all the darkness. Because these products are unique, they are sure to capture the attention of kids. Apple is going through her confirmation class at church right now and my plan is to put one of these eggs in each of the confirmands goody bags. I love that they will each have a little sticker and scroll in their eggs. I can't think of a better gift to encourage them!
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Egglo Entertainment Review
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