And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Friday, April 24, 2015

Read Your Bible

Read your Bible. Christians, pick them up and absorb the words God has given us. There are many amazing Bible studies available, and over the years I have recommended several to you. Bible studies can be useful, but I believe now more than ever that they shouldn't take the place of reading God's unfiltered word. You can listen to podcasts, read a book, and even watch movies based on God's word now. None of those take the place of reading the words yourself. Our world is a place full of perversion and sin masquerading as the new will of God. God's word hasn't changed. Now more than ever we need to get deep in God's word. We need to write it on our walls and implant it in our hearts. We need to teach it to our children. We don't need to flee from His word and instruction. 

With our Sunday School class, we have been reading through the Bible. We aren't to the point of studying word by word. Instead we are encouraging the adults in our class (and ourselves) to spend time in the word every week. Every day if possible. Many have found listening to the Bible via apps is a great way to get started. 

It's so easy to convince ourselves that we don't have time. That we are too busy. That working, raising kids, school, sports, and sleeping take our whole day. How much time do we spend doing frivolous activities though? How much time do we spend on social media, reading books for pleasure, watching television, watching movies, reading the paper, watching the news, doing a hobby, driving to activities, going out to eat, getting a mani/pedi? None of those are bad. None of those are things I'm telling you to stop doing. All I want to encourage you to do is trade a little of that time for the richness of reading the Bible. 

It's hard to begin. It's easy to quit. Start small. Don't plan to wake up 2 hours early to study the word. Don't think it will be better to start in the summer or after the time change or after baseball season. Start now. Challenge yourself to read 2 verses a day. Challenge your family to memorize one verse. Challenge your husband to read a chapter and discuss it with you. Challenge your BFF to read a book in the Bible and discuss it with you. Pray about it. 

I hope you are making time to pray too. I once thought prayer was only for meals and bedtime. Then I thought I needed a "prayer time" set aside each day. That's a great discipline but over the years I've found a better discipline is praying all throughout the day. If a friend asks for prayer, pray right then. Pray with them or take a moment by yourself to take their request to God. Let Him guide you throughout your whole day. Don't know what to pray? Find a Bible verse and pray it! 

If you miss a day or a week or a month, don't give up. Pick it up and start again. There's no self destruction button on the messages from God. It's there whenever you're ready. I'm praying you start right now!

Do you have any tips to help others get in the habit of reading the Bible? 

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