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Friday, May 1, 2015

Adaptive Math Testing With Lessons

A+ Interactive Math Review

The end of the school year is a great time to do an assessment test. It was just the right time for us to review A+ Interactive Math for the Crew. I was specifically able to try their Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan. Speedy and Apple were able to take grade specific math tests to identify gaps in their math knowledge. This program finds those gaps and then offers lessons to close the gaps. 

A+ Adaptive is a chance for students to take math tests for their specific grade level. If they are not proficient in any of the tested areas, the program then creates a lesson plan for the student complete with lessons and worksheets. The test is adaptive, so if they miss too many problems in an area the test will adjust down a grade level and begin testing them there. I was expecting that the test would also adapt up a grade in the same way, but I did not see that happen in our use of the product. This is a 3 month package which was more than adequate for us complete the tests and lessons. In fact, we finished in just about a month.
Upon registration you get a parent login and password, and then you set up accounts for each student you are enrolling. Each student will log in with their own username and password. After "launching" the program, they will come to their dashboard which gives them options to take tests, view reports, view lesson plans, or watch a video tutorial. This dashboard makes this program super simple to use. No need to hunt for what you need, it is all laid out on the dashboard. 

The lesson plans will be blank until a student takes a test and does not pass. There are a some choices on how to use the program. You child can go through and take all the tests and then go back to work the lessons they need. They can also try a test and if they don't pass then they can do those lessons amd worksheets and then attempt the test again. Then they can move on to another test. The tests can also be taken in any order. Speedy & Apple skipped around. Once they have passed a test, the lessons disappear. Once they have passed the test, they can review the test they took but not retake it. 

The instruction comes in the form of multimedia lessons. These lessons are like short videos using lots of colorful graphics and examples. The lessons are interactive so the kids are asked to answer some questions as the go along. Then they can practice with online worksheets. The grades for their online worksheets can be found under your parent account. 

There were a lot of lessons for each section. I was surprised a few times when one of the kids only seem to miss a few questions and then had a very long list of lessons. Sometimes a test was as few as 12 questions. Other times if they began to miss questions, they had as many as 28 before it shut them down and gave them lessons to do. It was great that everything was automatically graded! As soon as the test cut off, they knew whether they passed or failed. The happy smiley face guy made them cheer! The red box of instructions made them groan.

For the 2nd grade level, there were 13 tests. For the 5th grade level, there were 17 tests. With Apple headed to "middle school" next year, I'm so glad to know she was (finally) able to pass all the 5th grade level tests. To be honest, this program surprised me. They are both a solid grade level ahead with the math curriculum we use. I thought this would be a breeze for them. It actually took a lot of work for them to both pass all the levels. I know all curriculum has some holes, so I figured they might need some lessons. They actually passed very few of the tests on one try. Testing is tough for both of them. We do some regular testing in homeschool but doing this kind of testing on a computer was new for them. It was also a lesson for them in doing your very best the first time. One of them did very poorly on a test on the first attempt. As in didn't put in any effort at all. The reward for that was a HUGE list of lessons that they had to watch. 

Under their summary reports, they can find a progress report that looks like these. The little fella moves farther to the right based on how many questions they get correct on the test. You can see sometimes they were right at the goal and other times they moved ahead a bit. This little guy was a fun way to motivate them to do their best on the test the first time, but I didn't find him until they had done several of the tests.

So in summary, this math curriculum is basically for testing. It is perfect for homeschoolers wanting to be sure they are on target. For brick and mortar schooled children, this would be great for a summer activity to identify and close learning gaps before they move on to the next school grade. I like that for one low price, this program tests them AND gives them the lessons they need to get them on grade level. Regular math practice and review is necessary for all children. My kids enjoyed the lessons and concept of this math program. They felt a lot of frustration with some of the tests that took them many, many, many attempts to pass. I felt that frustration with them! I like that this program required little to no help from me at all. At their ages, once I set this up for each of them they easily could have completed the whole thing totally on their own. Because we were reviewing the product, I stayed a little more involved than I would have otherwise. I do wish the program sent parental emails with progress reports. I'd like to have had something concrete on their progress without logging on and looking at each of their accounts. If emails are available, I did not see the option. We used this product on a laptop computer. Even though A+ Interactive was a little different than what I expected, overall I found it to be a useful product. It did test both my kids and the lessons were successful in helping them both to pass all the tests for their grade levelA+ Interactive Math also offers Family Math Packages

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A+ Interactive Math Review

From Monday, May 4, 2015 to May 18, 2015 there will be a BIG sale on the A+ Adaptive Test with Lesson Plan that we used and on the Family Math Package so be sure to check that out! There are also some freebies available on the A+ Interactive Math website including a free math placement test and a free family math program trial so you might want to check those out as well. 

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  1. This inspired me to check your link for this product. I wanted to see if my two were on target. Unfortunately, we can't afford even the sale price. I'll bookmark it though for future reference, if we find ourselves needing to test. Thanks for your opinions.

  2. This inspired me to check your link for this product. I wanted to see if my two were on target. Unfortunately, we can't afford even the sale price. I'll bookmark it though for future reference, if we find ourselves needing to test. Thanks for your opinions.

    1. Jennie be sure to check out a BIG sale on A+ Interactive Math beginning Monday and lasting 2 weeks. I added information about it above in the very last paragraph.


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