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Monday, June 22, 2015

Digital Streaming for Homeschool Families

Streaming videos is certainly here to stay, and I had the chance to review a new digital media website. SmartKidz Media has realized the need for a dedicated service for homeschoolers to utilize these types of resources. SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers offers educational videos, e-books, music, and more!

This is an affordable subscription website that runs well on platforms with an internet browser. Our subscription is for a full year! During our testing period, we used it on our home computer. The site is very user friendly. The main landing page (after log in) is a bright, colorful list of educational videos. Most of the videos currently available are informative animal shows. My kids love science and were very excited to have access to a whole new library of animal videos. It also went right along with our spring zoology study. The videos vary in length but many that we selected were around 25 minutes. The videos we watched were specific to things like animal migration and habitats.

There are also videos about food and culture available. Both kids enjoyed these videos as well. Apple has a keen interest in cooking so she spent more time watching these shows. I think they are a great way to introduce kids to cuisine that may not be available to try locally. Again the videos were very informative and not just entertaining.

In the main area there are also shows on exercise and newer history videos available. I know Speedy will really have an interest in these war videos. I am excited that we have access to some kid friendly exercise videos to work out some energy on days that are too hot or cold for playing outside.

The videos alone are a great addition to our homeschool but SmartKidz offers even more. There is a section on artists. Those videos focus on specific artists and play shots of their work with a musical overlay. What a great way to expose kids to the arts from the comfort of your own home. We live in an area that severely lacks in museums so I'm especially grateful for these videos. There are also many songs available to stream on the site. Just last year we started playing some classical music during our homeschool time. SmartKidz includes many classical selections and cultural music and even some blues and jazz! Now that's a great way to spice up study time.

Other features on the website are an e-book collection, study guides, special needs learning, and even kids karaoke! New things are being added so quickly that we haven't had a chance to try many of the features. There are also many cover teasers about the items that are coming soon. The kids scroll down the list each time they get on the site to see what has been added. The site is so well organized. Videos and music show up on the main page and then there are colorful tabs at the top of the screen for navigating to other resources.

SmartKidz is such a versatile resource. There are so many ways you could incorporate it into your homeschool. For the last few weeks, I've just give the kids certain times each week that they could pick a video to watch. They love the extra screen time, and I love that they are learning from it. Many people now use digital media as a primary curriculum. We don't fall into that category but I can certainly see the value in a resource like this. My goal is to have them watch a video for "fun" at least once a week and then I'd like to use specific videos, e-books, or study guides as additional resources for lessons we are working on during our regular school time. I know we will utilize streaming music in the background during individual work time. While it is intended as an educational resource, there is a lot of valuable media for toddlers and littles that might keep them entertained while the big kids do school. I wish I had this resource when my kids were younger just to give them safe shows to watch. Of course I recommend you preview any videos for questionable content. I do believe some of them contain evolutionary material although we have learned to pretty much block that out. Whether you use it for homeschool or for pleasure, SmartKidz really is a library of resources right at home!

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