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Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to Plan Using Pinterest

I see Pinterest as more of a tool than a social media site. I told you before how I use Pinterest for homeschool. There are 3 other ways I use Pinterest to plan that might be useful to you.

1. Vacation Bible School- I coordinate the VBS for our church. I've found a great way to plan and keep track of ideas is on Pinterest. Each year I create a board and add on my top VBS volunteers as contributors. We can use the board well in advance to pin ideas on experiments, decorations, games, and even snack ideas! I search Pinterest for the type of Bible school we are using for the year. I also pin items from retailers where I may buy supplies. Oriental Trading Co is one of my favorite resources. I also like to put pins on the board from other sites so that all the websites I need are located in one spot. It's great to have my leaders pinning as well so I can see the ideas they have without a face to face meeting. When we do have meetings in person, I can pull our board up and have all the information on hand that we will need. Our VBS this year was G-Force and here is the board we created. 

2. House hunting- Thankfully we are now out of this market but it took us 2 years to find the home we wanted. I made a "secret" board to keep track of homes that I was interested in seeing. Over the 2 years time, I had lots of pins! They were so useful when we were talking with realtors and really just getting a feel for the area. If you were selling a home, this could also be a useful tool for finding comparable homes and upgrades you might want to make on the house. The secret boards are a great tool for any planning you are doing that isn't public knowledge. You can pin directly from real estate websites like Zillow.

3. Party planning- I think this was one of the very first boards I ever created. Pinterest is an exceptional place for finding ideas related to pretty much any birthday party theme. You can search by specific characters or movies. I used Pinterest heavily when planning an ice cream sundae bar for a party earlier this year. I keep all the party ideas on one board because most of the ideas can be adjusted for different themes. We have a baseball themed birthday party in the works right now and I've found so many ideas just searching Pinterest. Again, I've also pinned many items and ideas directly from other websites so that all the information is neatly collected in one place. 

I love to organize and plan. Don't forget about Pinterest as a free and easy to use tool. Think of it as a digital list of ideas. There's no better way to keep websites neatly catalogued. What's your favorite way to use Pinterest?

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