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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We Are Learning Latin Y'all!

My husband picked up a lot of Latin studying herpetology, and he's always encouraged the kids and me to learn it. When I got the chance to review the Latina Christiana I Complete Set for the Crew, the timing seemed perfect! This fabulous set from Memoria Press includes an instructional DVD, pronunciation CD, student book, teacher's manual, and flash cards.

Memoria Press Review

Each component of this set plays an important role. The Instructional DVD is like a Latin teacher on demand! The lessons aren't too long, but they contain so much information. Important information about the Latin language is included along with the week's words and correct pronunciation. Each lesson also has a phrase to learn. Conjugations, derivatives, and more are discussed as well. During the lessons, the student will pause the DVD to listen to a song or prayer on the CD. Then they resume the video. There are 25 weekly lessons and 5 review lessons included. The teacher also addresses some conversational Latin throughout the lessons.

As mentioned, the CD has Latin songs, prayers, and more! In our use over the last few weeks, we've mostly used it as instructed on the DVD. I think it will be a valuable review resource as we continue to study Latin.

The student book contains a page with the lesson's words, conjugation, and saying for each week. Then a blank page is available for each lesson for the student to fill in. The exercise page has some review and asks some questions covered in lessons. As mentioned before, there are also periodic review lessons which are so important when learning a language!

The teacher's manual is a concise, written version of the instructional DVD. The whole lesson is laid out on paper. The manual also includes an answer key for the student exercises and quizzes to copy for your student for each lesson. There is also some great historical information included. My kids love history and facts! 

The flash cards were a lovely bonus! They have the Latin pronunciation on one side and translation on the other. There are TONS of them! Weekly vocabulary words, phrases, everything has a corresponding flash card. Since learning Latin is basically a memorization practice, these flash cards really come in handy. The curriculum stresses repetition, repetition, repetition and these cards make that easy to accomplish. 

Apple has been our tester for this product. On Monday, she would watch the instructional DVD and listen to the CD. I had her write the week's words, conjugation, and phrase in a notebook each day. On Tuesday, we would work on the flash cards and usually go over the words and phrase on the white board. On Wednesday, she would fill in the lesson in her student workbook. Finally, she would take the week's quiz on Thursday. This system worked great for us, and I'm already planning to order a student book for Speedy so he can learn Latin too!

This program is based on Christian Latin and is recommended for grades 3 and up. This course really is set up in a great way. Since everything is taught on the DVD and CD, the teacher ( doesn't need to have any prior experience with Latin. It is designed for beginners. This is a curriculum that is terrific for teaching multiple ages and students. Extra student books are very affordable.

To be honest, I was very nervous about using a Latin curriculum. My experience with Latin is limited to a semester long etymology class in high school. That's been a little while ago. We don't follow a classical education plan so Latin hasn't been a priority for us. However, I know that learning Latin has many benefits. First, it is just a beautiful thing to learn another language, even one that is no longer spoken regularly. Second, there are some beautiful Christian prayers and songs in Latin (and many are included on the CD!). Third, learning Latin roots will really improve children's spelling and language skills. Finally, as my husband well knows, many scientific names and studies make use of Latin. Apple is already looking for derivatives in our everyday life outside of the ones taught in the lessons. Plus she thinks it is fun, and Speedy can't wait to join in!

We've enjoyed taking a few weeks to test this set. Now I will order Speedy's set and we will put it away until the fall. Then I will have Apple start back at the beginning as a review, so that Speedy can join her. That's my plan. Although the kids may not be able to wait 2 months!

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