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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Family Exercise

Over the past year or so, I have let myself go a bit. Exercise fell way down the priority list. I was participating in a group exercise class about once a week but gradually even once a week became tough to do even that. When we moved, exercise became nonexistent. I actually enjoy exercise (to some degree) and I've missed the exertion and feeling of accomplishment.

When the kids started their sports season, I began walking some while they were practicing. Then it got hot. Like really hot. Tennesseee hot. So I stopped. The sports seasons are about to wrap up. The kids have gained some great strength and endurance this season. I don't want them to lose all of that during the off season but we aren't willing to sign up for any winter sports either. The kids would enjoy them but even they agree we need a break from practices and games.

So we are implementing family exercise/ homeschool PE. This is something we've talked about several times and we've even had a false start or two in the past. The kids are older now and they are both interested in nutrition and exercise at these ages so I feel it is the prime time to really commit to it. We've only been at it for 2 days, but I am excited about the potential and their enthusiasm.

We live in an area that is prime for walking when the weather is right. We can walk in neighborhoods, we can walk to get a meal, or we can walk at the local park. When the weather is undesirable, we can do exercise videos or make up our own workout routines.

Hubby is involved too! He and I will be doing a fun run with friends next month so we are both hoping to improve our fitness level.

How do you exercise? Is it a family affair or an individual quest?

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