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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Natural Hair and Skin Care Products

Koru Naturals kindly sent me three amazing products to review. I received New Zealand Manuka Honey Propolis Soap, NZ fusion Botanicals Skin Clear Cream, and NZ fusion Botanicals Argan Oil and Sandalwood Hair Tonic. I couldn't wait to try all three! They were well packaged and arrived quickly.
Koru Naturals Review

I wasn't very familiar with Manuka Honey before receiving these products, but I found out it is wonderful for skin. The Honey and Propolis Soap is a thick bar that smells AMAZING! As in it is totally worth buying a bar just to make your bathroom smell amazing. That's not all though. I have been using this soap to wash my face and I love it. I've used natural soaps as facial cleansers for a few years now and this stands up to any others I have tried. My skin feels great after using it and it smells good too! I may have mentioned that already... I intended to let my child use this soap on her sensitive skin, but I have to admit I haven't given my bar away. I will be ordering her a bar ASAP. These bars would also make lovely Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers.

It is impossible to pick one favorite product out of the three but if forced I would select the Skin Clear Cream. It combines manuka honey, manuka oil, and a few other natural ingredients for a powerful skin cream. I happily used it twice a day on my face and neck as recommended. I still get the occasional blemish and also struggle to keep my skin properly moisturized. Not anymore! Blemishes were virtually nonexistent while testing this product (even during THAT week of the month), and my face has never felt better. This Skin Clear Cream smells really good (see the trend here?). It comes in a lovely little tub with an applicator stick to keep oils and dirt out of the cream. A small dab was more than enough for my face. Y'all I tossed my other moisturizer after using this for a few days. I've never had a facial product I liked more than this one and the price is fantastic!

 Koru Naturals Review

The final product I received was the Argan Oil & Sandalwood Hair Tonic. I have very thick, almost curly (was curly before kids...) hair. It tends towards the frizzies especially when it is humid or raining. I have a love/ hate relationship with my hair. I was in the hate stage when this little bottle with a pump arrived. I've been way past due for a hair cut (and still am) so the ends of my hair were...less than cooperative. This metal bottle comes with a pump so you can apply just the right amount of oil to your hair. I pump one small squirt into my hand, rub them together, and apply to the ends of my hair and then slide the remainder through the other unruly parts of my hair. Think flyaway zones. It really doesn't take much to make a huge difference. I've used other hair oils before with some success but many of them are very expensive. The current price of this bottle is $12.20 and it will last a very long time as a little oil goes a long way. I use it on my hair straight out of the shower while it is wet but it could be applied to dry hair too. While I still need a hair cut, this Argan Oil & Sandalwood Hair Tonic has put some control back to my ends and made my hair much healthier. It also smells wonderful! I know that shocks you. 

Koru Naturals offers many health and beauty aid products. Buying online makes life easier and having so many items to purchase in one place is a huge plus. They offer many other products that contain beneficial manuka honey. I am slowly beginning to understand the added benefits of natural products so I found Koru Naturals at just the right time! I have already recommended these products to several friends and I'm more than happy to recommend them to you!

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