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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What I Love Most About Homeschool

I often get asked our reasons for homeschooling our kids, and I've discussed those on the blog before. Homeschooling is hard business and sometimes family and friends wonder why we continue when it is a struggle. Things have been much better for us this year in the homeschool area and so I feel like I can more accurately reflect on the biggest benefit for us in this journey.

There are plenty of reasons we love homeschool from the flexibility to the ability to select our own curriculum. However the thing I love the most is the relationship we have with our kids. We are definitely a tight family unit. Sometimes we drive one another crazy, but I wouldn't change it! Our kids talk to us (all the time) and we are their sounding board for ideas and for problems. They have friends (lots of them) and that has its place too (because I am not their friend) but we have a close relationship.

While some parents bemoan their kids not spending time with them or always running off to their rooms, we get plenty of time with ours. We know what's happening in their lives. We know what they are studying, what topics are interesting them, and what their dreams are for the future. We see day to day where they are succeeding and where they are struggling. Now to be certain there are many amazing parents who send their children to school and still maintain close relationships with them. For us though homeschool is the best way to connect.

Someday our kids will grow up and move out. I'm certain that I will never regret all the extra time we've had together even those tough days.

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