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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Back to Highland Hall

I so loved Carrie Turansky's first two Highland Hall books that I couldn't wait to receive the third for review. A Refuge at Highland Hall continues the story of Penny Ramsey, niece of Sir William Ramsey the baronet of Highland Hall. Penny has gone to London to assist her sister who is pregnant and also caring for 8 orphans. The stay in London is short lived as bombings begin to take place in the city.

The family all comes back together at the family home and the story really begins. As usual, there are stories of the downstairs servants woven into the tapestry of Penny's tale. There is also a new character in this book, the handsome pilot Alex Goodwin becomes an important piece of Penny's life.

This third installment fully continues the stories of the main characters from The Governess of Highland Hall  and The Daughter of Highland Hall. I enjoyed reading more about Penny and her future. I will say this book contains very many characters. It's a good thing there is a character description at the beginning. This is a sequel that I wouldn't read without reading the first two books. I think you would get lost. I struggled not to get lost, and I've read and reviewed the first two books. While it took a little concentration to follow all the separate stories, I would fully recommend this book. It is a lovely gentle read with a great plot and ending.

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