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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Getting Everything in Order (and a Budget Battle Update)

I have had an abundance of posts today! Especially considering it has been so quiet here on the blog the last couple of weeks. November wore me out a bit. It was very busy on the blog so I've taken it easy most of December. Now that we are at the last day of 2015 (how on earth is that even possible?!?!) I wanted to clear out all my remaining blog responsibilities.

It felt imperative to begin 2016 on a clean slate. If I want to succeed in my goal of hospitality for the year, I will need to have my mess in order! I tend towards the organized side anyhow but I'm reinstating my cleaning schedule, tightening up the homeschool schedule a bit, and pondering over our budget for the year.

Our budget was our main goal in 2015 as we sought to be more intentional. We did make some great strides and mid year we were able to purchase a new home. It feels a little like things went downhill after that. Really they didn't but shortly after we moved several things broke. Isn't that how it always goes? Our financial goals weren't all met but we did get in a better groove, and we can't deny we are in a better place now than we were a year ago. As we move forward in 2016, we are going to tighten up our budget again and see how far we can get by this time next year!

In order to truly enjoy opening our home to others I feel like it needs to be relatively clean (thus the cleaning schedule) at all times and we need to have plenty of meal ingredients on hand. Since we are aiming to eat more natural foods (a goal we've worked towards slowly over the past few years), I hope to keep plenty of meat and fresh veggies and fruits in the kitchen.

How is your 2015 wrapping up? Are you running to complete tasks like I am or are you resting easy? Now that my blog work is complete, I need to make some cookies for a gathering tonight!

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  1. My goal for 2016 is to be better with sticking to my budget. I'm planning to keep it in writing more often because when it's only in my head, it's easy to stray from it.


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