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Monday, January 25, 2016

Porcies and Tocks

I've never read a steampunk book before so I was intrigued by Curio. I received this latest review book from BookLook Bloggers and dug right in to the world created by author Evangeline Denmark. The main character Grey lives with her parents and grandfather in a town under the control of the Chemists. Each resident must line up daily to receive their portion of a formula that allows them to eat without getting sick.

The Chemists don't just control the portions. They also have locked the town down with rules and a curfew. Grey knows her father and grandfather ignore some of the rules to help those who live on the outside of town and don't have access to portions. Grey doesn't initially know that her father and grandfather have some big secrets that pertain to her and their family history.

As a result of disobedience to the Chemists, Grey finds herself trapped in a strange world full of Tocks (living robots) and Pories (porcelain people). She needs to find someone and bring her back with her to the real world. In the meantime, she is thrown into the strange new world and must adapt as best as she can.

I really enjoyed the premise of Curio. The storyline is intriguing and innovative. The characters were all very interesting and kept me turning the pages. While I don't typically read much science fiction, this book (and I'm guessing most steampunk) has that vibe, and I still enjoyed it. I wasn't able to predict the ending and that always makes me happy. However this book is listed as YA or in some places as a teen fiction. I'd definitely say it would only be appropriate for a much older teen. There are no steamy love scenes but the story does include some physical elements that wouldn't be for younger readers. I only point it out because I was a little surprised by them since this book is from Blink which is a division of Zondervan. I haven't read other books from Blink so this may be common. While Apple would love the fantasy of a world in a curio cabinet, she's nowhere near ready for the romantic level of the book. For an adult though, this is a good read!

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