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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Non-Stick Pan Review

I jumped at the opportunity to review a 3 pack of Green Earth Pans by Ozeri. The opportunity excited me because I still frequently use the 10" Green Earth pan I reviewed for them a couple of years ago. This package of 3, available on Amazon, includes 8", 10", and 12" pans.

These pans are all non-stick. They are made with a textured ceramic coating called Greblon. This coating is tough. It keeps things moving in the pan and I haven't had any issues with the coating chipping or cracking. I've used these pans for a range of foods from sausage links to eggs to taco meat. The range of sizes makes these pans even more versatile. From cooking for 1 person (although that's rare around here) to normal weeknight meals to extended family meals on Sundays, this set gives you a frying pan for any situation.

These Ozeri pans are heavy duty without being too heavy. I've tried to cook with pans that are weighted before and that's no fun for anyone. Unless you are a body building cook. Then maybe you like super heavy pans. The grips on the handles add to the ease and comfort of cooking with these pans. At first I was a little disappointed that lids weren't included in the set. However I already had lids in each of these sizes! Ozeri does have lids available for separate purchase to fit these pans. Honestly not having extra lids is a plus for me. I like to conserve as much cabinet space as possible.

This is a great set for any home chef. It would also be a lovely housewarming or wedding gift. The set even includes 3 felt protectors to keep your pans in their best condition when you nest them for storage. Ozeri really pays attention to little details like that. As I said earlier, I've used my other Green Earth pan for nearly 2 years with no issues at all. These pans are easy to use and easy to clean.

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