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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Unique Book and Journal for Middle School Girls {Review}

Sherry Kyle has penned Love, Lexi. This book is aimed toward middle school girls and it is a unique combination of a fiction story with journaling pages throughout. Lexi is a 7th grade girl going through typical 7th grader awkward moments. She and her friends Ellie and Abby face exclusion as well as embarrassment in a typical day.

Lexi sets out to change the course of things at her school but will her efforts push away her best friends? Can things really change or will she just embarrass herself further? The author has done a fantastic job weaving together a story that could happen to any girl at any middle school in America. She has written Lexi as the typical girl next door who has some brave moments that bring on some big surprises.

The book is written as Lexi's letters to God. The form of the written prayers does a great job echoing a young girl's prayers in written form. The letters are each "answered" with a Bible verse. Then there is room for answering questions and journaling thoughts. Strewn throughout the book are "doodles" of kitty cats and chocolate bars and more Bible verses.

I really like this book, and I knew Apple would enjoy it as well. The only thing I'd change about the book is downplaying Lexi's crush. While most girls in the age range do have crushes, we prefer Apple's focus to be on her relationship with God and not particular boys. This book definitely zeroes in on a steady relationship with the Lord. The book did end on a happy note with more of a friendship vibe. Throughout the story, there is some great advice about popularity, honesty, and friendship.

Apple had this to say after reading the book:

"I really like the spaces to write and journal. I like the verses because they are written out so you don't have to look them up. I liked the unexpected turns, but I do think the ending could have been better. Some things were left unfinished. There could have been less about crushes. Otherwise I really liked the book and how realistic the story was. I could imagine myself in some of those same situations with my parents or sibling. I like that it is Lexi's point of view but the author still made it clear what Kate and others were thinking sometimes. I would recommend this book to several of my friends, and I hope the author will come out with more books similar to this!"



  1. This looks great! You should link it up with my Junior High Junction.

  2. HI Edie!

    Thank you so much for the review. It makes me smile. Yay, I'm so glad you liked the book!!! Say 'hi' to Apple for me.

  3. Sounds like an interesting book. Though seeing that there is an emphasis put on crushes, I would also shy away from that. I wish more junior high books would just ignore that. I think this is one of those things that our culture plays up and kids live up to it. Thank you for sharing about it.


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