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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Homeschool Planning Tip

I'm in pre-planning mode for the 2016-2017 school year. I'm working on making a list of all the resources we already have that we can use in the fall. I'm also looking at a few resources that I made need to purchase. My goal is to only purchase 1 Math-U-See workbook for Speedy but of course I need to make certain we have everything else we need.

I saw several people recently recommend a certain Bible curriculum. I was looking through the things we already have and contemplating if we have enough for a full school year. I began looking into the recommended resource. It's a digital download and I was disappointed to find it wasn't available for free anywhere. Fast forward a few hours and I was looking into the downloads I have saved on my coumputer. I was looking for something for a totally different subject. Lo and behold I already have that Bible resource!!!! Thinking back I believe I won it as part of a prize package.

It was just a good reminder that I need to keep my digital resources well organized. Right now I have them all in one download folder marked "Homeschool". My goal is to subdivide that folder into folders by subject. I will be utilizing many of those digital ebooks in the fall so I need to be able to find and access them quickly.

So your tip for today is to check your computer before buying your curriculum for next school year! Also check your email for anything you may have purchased or received for free that you did not yet download. The "search" feature on email is one of my favorites. The final thought is to take some time to spring clean your computer files. Make folders and arrange like items together. This goes for pictures, documents, and downloads!

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