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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Supplementing Several Subjects #copywork

I have found that this semester has had an underlying theme of copywork and memorization, so I was very happy to receive a Lifetime Membership to Homeschool Copywork for review. I've actually utilized several free downloads from Homeschool Copywork over the years so I was a little familiar with the website. A paid subscription opens up a whole new world of printable pages!

Homeschool Copywork Review
Homeschool Copywork offers 3 levels of membership. A free membership gives the user access to any free downloads available on the site, and it comes at no cost. It is a great way to peek at the site. The Full Membership includes 1 year's access to the entire site. The price is affordable. A Lifetime Membership (like I received) gives you unlimited access to the entire site forever (as long as the site exists)! That means you have automatic opportunity to utilize any new resources added to the site for only a marginal amount more than the Full Membership.

The Homeschool Copywork website is easy to navigate and use. The main landing page looks like the one below after you've logged in. There are tabs to take you to Early Elementary Copywork, Upper Elementary Copywork, Junior High- High School Copywork, and Bonus! Products. There are also tabs to manage your subscriptions, payments, and profile. Below the menu tabs you will find more links. The "Active Resources" link lists all the available copywork pages. I used this program exclusively on Chrome with Windows 10 and had no issues downloading and using the pages.

It's hard to put one label on Homeschool Copywork. There are pages for a vast number of subjects and many of the printables are versatile enough that you could use them any way you choose. This was definitely a supplement item for us during this review period. Speedy was reading Alice in Wonderland so I printed some Lewis Carroll poems from The Poems of Lewis Carroll for him to copy. Both kids have been enjoying all the sweet little birds hopping around in the yard, so I printed them each a cute birdie to color. I wanted them to try writing quotes and I found many wonderful ones on the website! Apple wrote a quote from Quotes from Franz Liszt, and Speedy wrote a Duke Ellington quote.

This membership has fulfilled several specific areas for us. Speedy is always in need of handwriting exercises. The pages we've found on the Homeschool Copywork have been wonderful for this because I can give him copywork from so many different areas. He hasn't gotten bored or complained about them once! Apple loves music and art. She's been able to use copywork pages on hymns and the extra handwriting exercise doesn't hurt her any either!

She was very excited to utilize the Vincent van Gogh Copywork and Artist Study Volume 1 during our review period. I printed 8 pages for her for this study. The front is the cover you see in the picture below. Page 2 is an information page. Page 3 contains a short biography of the artist. It also includes suggestions for 3 activities. Apple elected to paint a picture inspired by the work of van Gogh and to do a pencil sketch of another inspired work. The other 5 pages are for copywork. Each one has a quote from the artist and you can select the type of copywork you prefer for your student to do. In this case I elected for the "Traditional Print, Notebook Lines" pages. Apple completed one quote per day so we spread this out for daily work for about 2 weeks of school. The other copywork styles in this booklet include cursive, D'Nealian manuscript, and ball and stick print. There is also a print of one of van Gogh's works on each of the copywork pages. You can even print full size copies from the picture study portion at the end of the booklet. I'd say this was a successful study that Apple fully enjoyed.

Over the years of homeschooling my kiddos, I've learned you can always utilize resources like these. These little copywork printables can supplement character building (there's a download for that!), the arts, Bible memorization, history, handwriting, and more. They can also be used to spice up creative writing time or just to add a little something different to a school day. These types of pages are also great for extra practice in a subject or to round out a semester with a subject. 

I'm looking forward to many years of using the fun pages from Homeschool Copywork!

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  1. The site is so easy to use and find exactly what you want! We needed supplements like these when my daughter was learning D'Nealian manuscript in private school!


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