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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Tween Mystery Series

It isn't often that the story line of a Juvenile Fiction really grabs my attention but The Glass Castle by Trisha White Priebe and Jerry B. Jenkins did just that. Shiloh Run Press sent us a copy for review, and y'all know Apple LOVES to read new books. She was angry that I made her save it to read on a recent road trip. Once she started reading, I don't think she quit until she reached the end of the 251 page story.
I picked it up to read when she was finished, and I could quickly see what she didn't want to put it down. This unique story is the first book in The Thirteen Series. The story is divided into 41 chapters with names like "A Critical Development" and "The Return". It begins with the main character Avery being kidnapped on her thirteenth birthday. Soon after she finds herself hidden away in a castle with other 13 year old girls and boys. 

Apple had this to say about the book:
"I really like how it begins with mystery and intrigue. I like how mysterious it is and how it keeps you guessing. I like that Avery has a great imagination and how she likes to read. She had some troubles in the kitchen, and I understand how it feels when nothing goes right in the kitchen and you just want to explode! The character Tuck was a good leader. The ending just sort of drops off. I wish it had ended differently."

This was a fun book to read! There are a variety of characters and events happening in the story. The mysteries never seem to end! Actually most of them don't end in this book. I'm looking forward to reading book 2 in the series. In this book, Avery is learning a little about God and faith. More than that, she's trying to maintain sanity while being locked away in a strange hidden world in the castle. The teens are trying to figure out a way to operate as a small society while completing the tasks required of them. Romance does play a role in the story, but it isn't the focus of the tale. The book includes a little bit of everything from details of the rooms and furnishings in the castle to past experiences of the 13 year olds to the king and his new queen's issues. There was one inconsistency in the book that nagged at me a bit, but I don't think Apple even noticed it. I'm a detail nit picker so this isn't unusual for me! It didn't take away from the overall story at all. According to the website, book 2 The Ruby Moon will be released in October 2016. 

Apple is still a book consumer. She's gone through more than 10 since the beginning of May. It's always difficult to find appropriate books for her to read especially in the summer when she has extra free time. This book is a clean read for the tween crowd. It isn't a long book so it makes a great summer read for the more reluctant readers. Voracious readers like Apple will find themselves drawn into the story and ready for more!

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