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Monday, June 6, 2016

Hospitality Update

Things always seem to even out. While the beginning of the year lacked motivation on my hospitality goals, May made up for it! Maybe it was the turnaround point for my word of the year. In May, we took a vacation but I was still able to host people in our home.

As usual, my parents spent most Sundays having lunch with us in our home. It's something we did for a long time when we lived in our old home. It's a bit more of a drive for them to come to our house now, but I'm so glad we've started doing it regularly again. The kids enjoy having them here and Hubby gets to have Sunday lunch with us even if he is on duty.

We also hosted a Memorial Day family gathering at our house. Several family members came over to enjoy BBQ roast and hot dogs. Hubby even brought a couple of co-workers over for lunch that day. We all ate too much, played cards, and enjoyed one another's company. I keep saying I'm going to start planning a monthly game night. I really enjoy it. For this gathering, we played Phase 10 cards (my favorite!) and Mexican Train dominoes.

A great surprise this month was an impromptu visit from an old friend. She and I have loads of memories of times spent together before Apple & Speedy arrived. Life tends to take us on different paths, and she and I hadn't hung out in many years. She was in town for a visit and was able to carve out a few hours to come by and see our house. It was so good to catch up on each other's families and just talk about life. Of course I fed her and we all sat around and enjoyed reminiscing about the old days. She worked with Hubby & I for a few years, and we had a group that used to take an annual camping trip together. There were lots of laughs as we remembered some of the silly things we did back then. We were so young! I hope we are able to see her again soon.

May was a stellar month for hospitality. I have high hopes for the summer as well but with camps and road trips and a little summer school, we'll just have to see how it goes!

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