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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wolves, Gladiators, and Shipwrecks #LivetheAdventure

Heirloom Audio Productions has to be our FAVORITE discovery since joining the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Their newest audio theater production, Beric the Briton, has been our latest review item. The kids were both ecstatic to open the package to find a shiny new set of CDs based on another G.A. Henty adventure. This is one of the few activities they enjoy doing together with no bickering!

This 2 disc set includes 2 and a half hours of adventure with plenty of extras. We received the physical 2 disc set along with access to a special package of downloads. The most exciting bonus is a 389 page e-book of the original Beric the Briton story by G.A. Henty. We also received a printable Bible quote picture, a printable promotional poster, a digital study guide, an MP3 download of the audio book, an MP3 file of the musical score, and a Behind the Scenes documentary video. For anyone who does not receive the Live the Adventure newsletter, access to it is included also. Beric the Briton is offered in a few different package choices that can all be found on their website.

Of course, our favorite part was the audio theater production! The kids popped the first disc in as soon as they were able, and we finished it quickly during trips back and forth to town. Beric is a Briton, but he spent time living with Romans and learning some of their ways and strategies. Now his island is going to be attacked by the Romans, and he finds himself thrust into the battle. He and his friend Bodouc face many hardships and finally find themselves enslaved to be gladiators. Every moment of this audiobook is full of excitement and anticipation.

In the past with other Heirloom Audio productions, I have used the study guide to ask the kids questions at the end of each listening session. This time we kept the study guide until the end, and then we went over the questions. We also spent some time working on the vocabulary words contained in the guide. The kids really enjoyed looking up Roman remains on Google Earth as suggested in the study guide. They explored and spent lots of time asking questions and looking at the available pictures and graphics on the Roman Empire on the app. This was their first experience with Google Earth, but they LOVED it. I would love to print the study guide, but it would require quite a bit of ink. I keep saying I'm going to check into having it printed at an office supply store but with crazy summertime activities, I just haven't had the time.

The cast is full of talent with names like Brian Blessed, Brian Cox, Cathy Sara, and John Rhys-Davies providing voices. The sound quality is very pleasing along with the musical score although the excitement can be LOUD at times. This was a great adventure to keep us entertained in the car as we make 20+ minute trips to do errands. Both Apple and Speedy were wrapped up in Beric's tale and couldn't wait to find out the ending. I also enjoyed the story and appreciated the extra elements of study that the study guide provided. With a story that involves wolves, lions, gladiators, shipwrecks, war, and a little love, it's hard to imagine anyone that wouldn't be hooked!

I think with each production Heirloom Audio improves. Every new audio book we receive from them becomes our favorite. It's hard to say which one is the best overall. We often refer to the stories and I am constantly recommending them to other families. The theme of faith is woven seamlessly into each story and makes me love them even more.

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