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Monday, August 29, 2016

HomeSchool Scholastics for Health #homeschoolnutrition

HomeSchool Scholastics, an i4 Learning Company, sent us a WAY Comes Home Kit for review. This health and wellness curriculum comes with 3 levels of learning for K-5th graders. We received a huge package with loads of goodies to get Speedy started on Health this school year. It included book work as well as items for hands on learning.

I was so impressed with all the materials we received. WAY Comes Home included a WAY parent guidebook, 3 student journals, a My Plate booklet, and a DVD. Those items are all for the first 5 modules or lessons of the program. Each journal corresponds with one level (K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th). We also received a large pack of printed pages (Art Card Stock) and vocabulary cards.

In addition to those lesson items, HomeSchool Scholastics included a Fulcrum Balance Scale, eye chart, measuring tape, stethoscope. plastic trays, glitter, fingerprint ink pad, foam balls, plastic eggs, and transparent counters. These items were used in many of the suggested hands on activities throughout the lessons.

The WAY Parent Guidebook will lead you through suggested lessons for each level. This program is designed to be very flexible to work for any family. There are three levels, and the guidebook gives 3 distinct lessons for each level. It also includes ways to include children of other levels so that you only need to teach one lesson if you have multiple students of different grades. The DVD has physical activity videos for each level. These are fast paced exercises to get your kids (and you!) moving in your own home. The DVD also includes lessons for the modules for each level.

The guidebook gives the teacher lessons to read or go over with the students. It starts with a Parent Prep section. That's information to be read before doing the lesson and suggestions on topics to cover. Then, there is a Lesson at a Glance page. It has all the Vocab words and a supply list. As I said, HomeSchool Scholastic has included most of the supplies you will need. There are even suggestions for books to expand the topic. The What to Do section tells you how to implement the lesson. A page called Include Me Too! gives those suggestions for allowing older and younger students to participate. There's even a Bible verse and a quote to go with the lesson. Art Attack, Weekends with WAY, WAY More Resources, and WAY More Fun give you ideas for continuing the lessons.

The student levels each have a theme. Health Safari is fun for K-1st grade. 2nd-3rd graders get to investigate Me Mysteries. Speedy "went" on the Innerspace Adventure for 4th-5th graders. Each level of the student journals corresponds with the theme. The journals have blank covers so the students can design their own. The themed material was mostly limited to the videos for the lessons.

We took the 5 included lessons and spread them out over about 5 weeks. Most weeks Speedy worked on the materials 2-3 days. One week he was keeping an activity log so he had a little something to do each day. It would be very easy to follow all the extra ideas and stretch these lessons to last longer. Those who purchase these materials are given online access to 3 new lessons quarterly. I was sent an example of the printable materials for one extra lesson, and it was very similar to the content included in our printed materials. There did seem to be more lesson activities including a quiz in that additional material.

Speedy enjoyed WAY Comes Home, and I thought it was a great way to introduce Health and Wellness lessons to an elementary student. This is one homeschool kit that I think would work even better for larger families. I felt like we missed out on trying many of the aspects since we were using the highest level. Most of the hands on materials were included for use in the Health Safari or Me Mysteries lessons. Many of the additional printed pages were for those levels as well. Speedy's level did use the stethoscope and measuring tape. The other two levels seemed comparable in set up and lesson plans, but there definitely seem to be more activities involved for the lower grades. I am certain Apple and Speedy will find some fun uses for those other materials. Now I'm off to hide that glitter...

As of 9/8/16, HomeSchool Scholastics is offering this kit for $29.95 with FREE shipping, and there's no coupon code required!

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