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Monday, September 12, 2016

French for Homeschool #homeschoolforeignlanguage

This year I wanted Appled to dabble in a few languages so she'd be able to decide which one she wanted to learn for her high school credits in a couple of years. Armfield Academic Press graciously sent us Getting Started with French to review. This large book is intended to help someone begin French on their own.

William E. Linney and Brandon Simpson authored this 281 page French manual. Along with the book, users can access Pronunciation Recordings and Authors' Commentary recordings to enhance the lessons. Getting Started with French begins with a Preface and How to Use This Book. These pages give some great tips for using the book as a homeschooler or as a self-taught adult. There are 172 lessons of general French to learn. Each lesson is only a page or two. Just a few are three pages.

To learn French, the student reads the page. It will only take a few minutes a day. In some lessons there is a written lesson for them to complete. An answer key is included in the back. They can review the same lesson as many times as needed to master the concept. In the beginning, Apple was only reading the pages in the book. Now she was learning some things about the French language that way, but I had her start listening to the Authors' Commentary and Pronunciaton recordings. Those free downloads have really enhanced her French learning experience. The Authors' Commentary recordings give information about how the words are used and even a little extra grammar teaching! When she listens to the Pronunciation Recordings, she can ensure she is saying the words correctly.

I feel like Apple is learning a little conversational French through these lessons but she's also learning about many French words that we borrow in America. She will learn the meaning of cuisine and deja vu and other familiar words. Along with the answer key in the back of the book, there is a pronunciation guide, glossary, subject index, and a general advice page from the authors.

I always say my goal is not to teach my kids EVERYTHING during their homeschool years (because that's impossible), but to teach them how to learn. Getting Started with French is a great way for Apple to learn to learn on her own. Since this is an elective for her, I've really let her run with this on her own. She's excited to learn some French, and I'm hoping this study will help her begin to "own" her education. Honestly, I'm jealous because I always thought it would be really cool to learn French! Hopefully at the end of this she will have a better idea of which foreign language she'd like to use to get her credits for high school.

Apple had this to say:

"I thought learning French was going to be really hard, and it probably would be except this book makes it easy! I like that it includes some grammar information. My favorite part is the audio recordings because hearing someone say the words with an actual French accent makes it easier to understand how the words are suppose to sound."

William Linney has also authored Getting Started with Latin. He and Antonio L. Orta wrote Getting Started with Spanish. There's even a Getting Started with Russian in the works. What an amazing way to dabble in several languages from the comfort of home!

To learn more about Getting Started with French, make sure to check out the website. There's a free preview of the book available along with some helpful links and FAQs. You can also check out reviews from the other members of the Crew:
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