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Monday, November 28, 2016

Our Favorites from 2016

The Homeschool Review Crew has wrapped up its 2016 run and they have announced the Blue Ribbon Award winners for the season. Many of our favorites made the winner's list.

We reviewed products that won in all 21 of these categories:

Favorite Reading Curriculum – Logic of English
Favorite Writing Curriculum –  Here to Help Learning
Favorite Vocabulary Program –  The Critical Thinking Co.
Favorite Spelling Program –  Talking Fingers: Read, Write and Type
Favorite Penmanship Program –  Homeschool Copywork
Favorite Literature Curriculum –  Institute for Excellence in Writing: Poetry
Favorite Literature Resource –  Heirloom Audio
Favorite Science Curriculum –  Apologia: Astronomy
Favorite Fine Arts Product/Curriculum –  ArtAchieve
Favorite Elementary Product –  Veritas Press
Favorite Middle School Product –  Apologia: Writers in Residence
Best E-Product –  Grapevine Studies
Favorite Book, Novel, Audio Book, or Audio Drama –  Heirloom Audio
Just for Fun! –  FlipStir
Favorite Science Supplement –
Favorite Math Supplement –  Trigger Memory System
Favorite Christian Education Product –  Chara Games
Favorite College or College-Prep Product –  Everyday Education
Best Resource I Didn’t Know I Needed –  ForBrain
Kids’ Choice (Ages 0-12) –
Teens’ Choice –  101 Series
All Around Crew Favorite –  CrossTimber

Favorite Grammar Program –  The Critical Thinking Co.
Favorite History Supplement –  Carole P. Roman
Favorite Math Curriculum –  CTC Math
Favorite Christian Education Curriculum –  Veritas Press
Favorite Foreign Language Curriculum –  Middlebury Interactive Languages
Favorite Preschool Product –  The Pencil Grip
Best Online Resource –  Veritas Press

We didn't review the particular products that won in each of these categories:

Favorite History Curriculum –  Home School in the Woods
Favorite Elective Curriculum –  Stop Motion Explosion
Favorite High School Product –  101 Series
Favorite Parent Product –  MyFreezEasy

We have purchased the Times Tales DVD from Trigger Memory System recently. I wanted to help both kids solidify their multiplication tables. We've just gotten started with it, but we are impressed so far. I ended up being really jealous of the MyFreezEasy reviews. Everyone seemed to love the meal plans! I've been pricing the different plans and hope to purchase one after the first of the year. 

Many of our favorites made the list, but we had some items we particularly loved that weren't recognized. 

Science Shepherd Introductory Science- Speedy LOVES this Science program. He knows he is getting close to the end so he keeps telling me they have other programs. He doesn't want it to be over. He enjoys the format of the online videos with the workbook. The questions are just at the right level for him, and he is excelling in this subject. The Creation based Science is just what we look for in a science curriculum.

Heirloom Audio The Dragon and the Raven, Beric the Briton, and The Cat of Bubastes- While Heirloom Audio received 2 awards, we reviewed 3 separate audio dramas from them this year, and they were all amazing. They needed an extra mention because everything they produce is wonderful.

Everyday Education Perfect Reading & Beautiful Handwriting- Everyday Education received an award but not for this product. I've raved about this Italics curriculum, and I will continue to do so. It's been perfect for Speedy.

We received so many amazing products for review this year. I could take all day and list them all and tell you something great about each one of them! These were the ones that stood out to us the most and made it into our regular school days. Be sure to check out everyone else's favorite picks!

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