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Monday, January 30, 2017

How We Homeschool

I haven't blogged as much about our homeschooling journey lately so I thought I'd give you a little insight into our methods. I'm not a huge fan of labels but if forced to label our homeschool style I'd say traditional/ eclectic. We are traditional because our school time looks similar to a classroom school time. We are eclectic because I don't buy our curriculum as a boxed set each year (although it's always tempting because it looks so easy!). I started this as an all in one post but I'm wordy so this will be a theme for the next few weeks. Today I'll start with where we homeschool.

My kids both have a desk in our "schoolroom" that doubles as my office. I have a desk because it's my office too. When we bought our home one of the big draws was this rather large room with a huge built in shelving system. I knew this would be a great schoolroom for us, and it has been. We've tried doing school without a dedicated schoolroom, and it just doesn't work for us. It's distracting to be in other rooms. It's messy to have our materials spread out through the house and things get lost and misplaced too easily. Even with our organized schoolroom, we have days when books or important papers can't be located. Personally, I'd go crazy if we had to search the whole house in those instances. I've found for my kids that having a place set aside for school keeps them on track. They know when we are down here for school that there's no electronics or toys. It's a place to focus and study and learn. It works the same way for me as my office. When I come down to work, I can focus and I have everything I need at my fingertips. I think have a dedicated school space will help prepare my kids for the future. In college, they will be expected to be in a classroom for classes. In most jobs they will have a dedicated office or workspace they use each day. They are getting in some extra practice now.

Right after Christmas, we gifted the kids new desks. Every time we've bought them desks (or a special table) I expect them to last forever. Ha. So a couple of years ago my parents gave them very nice school type desks. Small adjustable desks with a storage area in them. I thought they'd last for the rest of our homeschooling days. Recently the kids had began to complain they weren't large enough to hold their laptops and a paper or book on the surface. We have the above small table in the room and they'd began to fight over sitting at the table. I had enough of the bickering so I started looking for new desks for them. I found the ones I wanted just after Christmas. They were easy to put together and fairly inexpensive. They have a little desk in the front for pens, pencils, and other small supplies. I am HOPING these last us for a long time. We kept the smaller desks too. I had the kids put those in their rooms. Some days they do need a forced break from the schoolroom so now they have a place in their room where they can take their work when needed.

Our schoolroom is a bit dark so they each have a floor type lamp near their desks. They were also given brand new desk lamps from an aunt and uncle at Christmas so they have those as well. They are very happy with their new desks and areas.

While I love our schoolroom, I am still decluttering it. It seems like a permanent process. We have drawers and bins and shelves everywhere, and they are all full! With all the school books and games and craft supplies, our room is always to the point of overflowing. Every time I get it in order, it seems to overflow again. I am hoping to finish cleaning it up (again) soon.

Where do you homeschool? Do you have a dedicated space or are your kids all over the house? Since Hubby sometimes needs to sleep during the day due to shift changes, having a schoolroom away from his sleeping area is an extra blessing for our family.

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  1. I love reading posts about homeschooling. Right now, my son still does school at the kitchen table. I would love to have a space dedicated for him, but this works for now. Blessings!


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