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Monday, June 5, 2017

What Worked for 4th Grade

Our school year is all wrapped up. Speedy finished 4th grade and is thrilled to be on a "real" summer break for a few weeks. We started 4th grade still reviewing a lot of curriculum but settled into a more regular routine for the spring semester. I thought I'd let you know what really worked for 4th grade for Speedy.

His all time favorite subject this year was history. He studied Government in the fall at co-op (and home) and World Geography in the spring at co-op. He enjoyed those but what he really loved was The Fight for Freedom. He can't wait to start America's Struggle to Become a Nation in the fall. 

In math, Speedy completed Math-U-See Epsilon and the CTCMath grade 4 lessons. He struggled a little with fractions but overall did very well. He enjoys CTCMath and so I purchased another 18 months of it. He and Apple will be able to utilize various levels with our Family subscription. Speedy will also move on to the next level of MUS.

For Language Arts, he completed the Logic of English lessons. He began Fix It! Grammar but we received a Critical Thinking Language Smarts Level E workbook to review and so he ended up sticking with that instead for the rest of the school year. We will pick Fix It! Grammar back up for 5th grade. He enjoyed moving around in the Language Smarts workbook. He completed the first level of IEW's poetry memorization program and began the second level. He also completed the Here to Help Learning Paragraph Level III. A mix of Perfect Reading & Beautiful Handwriting along with LOTS of copywork really made a difference in his handwriting this year. There is still room for improvement so we will continue to work in that area. 

Speedy also enjoyed doing his Bible class online with Veritas Press. He completed the Self Paced course for Genesis through Joshua and will be doing the next level for 5th grade. 

He wanted to do another level of German but Middlebury did not have another elementary option for it. He did Elementary Spanish I instead and liked it almost as much as German.

He complained about some of the Literature choices I made for him this year, but he ended up enjoying every book on the list! You can see the list and everything else we used this school year on our Curriculum Tab

Have you finished your school year? Are you taking a summer break?

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