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Monday, July 31, 2017

5th Grade

I shared all of our picks for Apple's 8th grade year last week. This week I'll be telling you about our choices for Speedy for 5th grade. My kids are exact opposites and so I look at what Apple did for the grade level when I'm planning for Speedy but often his year looks totally different than hers was. For a few years we were able to do most of the same things she did but as they grew up and their personalities emerged, our homeschool years looked different. While we stick with some of the same companies and products (Math-U-See!), we change many of them.

My goals are nearly the same for Speedy as they were for Apple in this stage though. Continuing to encourage independence in schoolwork is a big one. Speedy's handwriting struggles are far from over so we'll focus a good bit of time there. This year with both kids I will be trying some new techniques to ensure they are giving everything their best effort the first time around.

Speedy has come a long way in his schoolwork over the last couple of years, and I'm hoping that trend will continue this year. While sitting and working aren't his favorite activities, we've learned he does well with computer courses and with extra breaks in his school time so those things are on his agenda for 5th grade.

Bible- Veritas Press Self-Paced Judges to Kings with flashcards
     Speedy did the first installment of this course last year and enjoyed it very much. He really needed the flashcards to help him with the dates, but we didn't realize that until he was nearly finished with it.  Veritas included the cards with the course during a sale earlier this year so I expect his grades to be even higher this time around. I'm the teacher in his Wednesday night church class now, and he regularly answers questions from Genesis to Joshua with ease so I know he retained all that material!

Math- Math-U-See Zeta and CTCMath 5th grade
      Math-U-See has been our favorite for so long! While fractions last year were tough, I anticipate my mathmatically minded child will have fewer struggles with decimals. CTCMath is a great program, and it gives Speedy another computer course.

Science- Apologia Astronomy textbook and notebooking journal
       Speedy started Astronomy when we received it for review but wanted to finish the other Science course he was doing at the time. He will get a chance to return to Astronomy this year. It seems like a great time with the big Eclipse in August!

Language Arts- IEW's Fix It! Grammar The Nose Tree & IEW's Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization
        I planned for Fix It! Grammar to be his curriculum last year but he decided to stick with another one we received for review. We are going back to Fix It! this year. He will also continue to memorize poetry with Level 2 of IEW's program.

Writing- IEW's All Things Fun and Fascinating
        We love IEW. :) Speedy selected this curriculum himself. I wanted him to pick something he was interested in so he'd be more willing to write.

History- This is an exciting one! I just received the curriculum for this as a review product so I'm going to leave this as a mystery for a little while. Check back soon for a review!

Literature- The Hobbit (read over the summer). On the Banks of Plum Creek (trying desperately to get him to read the whole Little House series!), The Swiss Family Robinson, The Horse and His Boy, Johnny Tremain, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Treasure Island
          Speedy reads every night on his own. He enjoys it more than he lets on! He finds the large stacks I make for his literature selections overwhelming though. He usually ends up enjoying the books so I will continue to push him with challenging material each year. I may lose the Little House battle after this one however...

Handwriting- Speedy will be using a variety of copywork material again this year. As I said, his writing has improved but still needs work. He'd like to learn cursive but just isn't quite ready yet. If this changes through the year we will swap to some type of cursive curriculum.

Spelling- IEW Phonetic Zoo
          Speedy started Phonetic Zoo (again) last year and really liked it. He will continue with it this year.

Electives- Speedy really won't have too many electives this year. I am planning to put both kids in a homeschool PE program that begins in September. I think Speedy will really enjoy that opportunity, and it gives them both a chance to regularly be out of the house. We will likely also join the local co-op when it gets going again.

It seems like 5th grade will be a year to continue building on everything Speedy has worked on so far. I'm praying and believing this will be a good, solid homeschool year.

Are you ready for 2017-2018? Have you made all your curriculum picks?

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